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DeRailed is a free, fast paced endless railer where you quickly place tracks in a race against a speeding train. Collect coins, build bridges, and destroy the obstacles in your path as you extend your tracks towards the next objective. Earn coins to unlock more trains and carriages, each with their own special abilities. Assemble your perfect train and race against to get the best score.

Assemble your ultimate super powered train

Build your train by selecting an engine and three carriages. With dozens of different skins, and hundreds of abilities to combination to choose from the possibilities are nearly endless. Do you pick the Steam train to go slow and steady? Or will you go risk it all against the Bullet Train’s incredible speed? Rare abilities add mods for infinite tracks, bigger explosions, cool effects and much more!

Race to win

Each game sees you racing against your train in a battle to see how high you can score. Avoid the trees or blow through them using limited TNT supplies. Build bridges to cross rivers. Get to the next objective to claim more tracks so you can keep ahead of your train. Tap as fast as you can because it’s only a matter of time until it catches up and it’s DeRailed!

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